Projects: figa-pi. Open hardware Raspberry PI HAT

1G+FPGA HAT for Raspberry PI

There was no Raspberry PI HAT (Hardware Attached on Top) with Gigabit Ethernet, so meet the new board with FPGA and GbE on board: Figa-Pi.

With Figa-Pi you can create any ethernet traffic with any load.

With Figa-Pi you can:

  • test ethernet network according to RFC2544, Y.1564 and RFC6349 standards;
  • do not be affraid to break you precious equipment with unexperienced hands;
  • write comples scripts for testing with ready-to-use examples and open API;
  • gather traffic statistics without CPU overloading;
  • mark packets with precise timestamps;
  • use remote access for tests;
  • modify open sourced FPGA code;
  • do not limit board usage with Ethernet and IP only;

The cenral board chip is FPGA with low power consumption: Intel Cyclone 10LP (25k logic elements). All traffic handling is made on FPGA: MAC, traffic generator and receiver, filters, shaper and statistics.

Board information

  • Dimensions: 55 x 65 mm
  • Form-factor: Raspberry PI HAT
  • FPGA: 10CL025ZE144 Itel Cyclone 10 LP, 25k LEs
  • 1G Ethernet PHY: KSZ9021GN Microchip Technology (бывший Micrel)
  • 1G Ethernet: RJ45
  • LEDS: 1 x RGB (PWM), 1 x Red/Green (s/w indication), 1 x CONF_DONE (FPGA status), 1 x Power led
  • Buttons: 2 users buttons
  • JTAG connector for FPGA debug

Diagram figa-pi