Projects: Intel Cyclone 10GX Development Kit

Intel Cyclone 10GX 10G FMC Kit

Kit is intended for processing of high-speed data received from FMC device and transmitting data to 2x10G Ethernet. It’s based on chip from new Intel’s FPGA family Cyclone 10GX.

It has FMC connector with many LVDS channels/high-speed transceivers and 2x SFP/SFP+ connectors for 1G/10G Ethernet. FMC connector allows to connect different modules (video, ADC, DAC, etc…). SFP/SFP+ ports support also Direct Attach cables, not only SFP/SFP+ modules.

Board works in stand-alone mode from 12V adapter. Estimated power consumption is less than 8 Watt.

Block Diagram


10CX150YF672E6G is at the core of the board. It has following features:

  • 20 nm technology
  • 150K LEs (54.7K ALMs)
  • 312 multipliers 18x19 or
  • 156 variable-precision multipliers (or 156 single precision floating point multipliers)
  • 9.5 Mbit of built-in block memory, 475x M20K blocks
  • Maximum LVDS speed – 1.4 Gbps
  • High-speed transceivers XCVR – up to 12.5 Gbps

Device migration supported by design: 10CX105 or 10CX220.

Compatibility with FMC devices

Board is fully compatible with FMC LPC (Low Pin Count) Vita 57 standard and supports connection of following devices:

FMC HPC (High Pin Count) connection is supported partially. Compatible board is the PYTHON25K 26.2 MP (5120 x 5120 px) sensor.

See detailed description of Cyclone 10GX benefits here.


  • Cyclone 10GX family features evaluation
  • 1G/10G Ethernet traffic processing
  • Real-time processing of video signal
  • Real-time DSP processing of analogue signals from one or more ADCs.
  • Capturing of information from ADC through 1G/10G Ethernet



  • FMC connector for LVDS interfaces: fully compatible with LPC (Low Pin Count) according to VITA57
  • Number of LVDS interfaces: 58x LVDS (HPC) + 20 single
  • LVDS speed: up to 1.434 Gbps
  • Number of high-speed interfaces: 4x XCVR
  • XCVR speed: up to 12.5 Gbps


  • 2xSFP/SFP+ for 1G/10G Ethernet connection
  • Direct Attach support
  • Built-in 1G/10G PHY in FPGA chip. PHY power consumption on 10G speed – 168 mW

Other interfaces

  • JTAG (10-pin) for FPGA debugging
  • USB for firmware update
  • Firmware update controller: STM32 MCU


  • 10CX150YF672E6G
  • Migration chips: 10CX105YF672E6G, 10CX220YF672E6G
  • Configuration flash: QSPI 256 Mbit
  • Firmware update: JTAG, USB
  • Clock sources: 156.25 МГц, 100 МГц


  • External AC/DC apaters 12 V
  • Estimate consumption: less than 8 W

Dimensions, Weight

  • Length: 130 mm (5.1”)
  • Width: 100 mm (4”)
  • Weight: ~100 g.