Projects: Interface converter: HSMC / 10G Ethernet

HSMC / 10G Ethernet converter

The 10GBase-T (copper 10G ethernet) interface for Terasic Cyclone V GX Starter Kit. The board uses HSMC high speed connector to interact with FPGA-pcb. Ethernet PHY transceiver chip is Marvell 88x3310.

Board is capable of 10/100M, 1G/10G data rates and also NBase-T (2.5G, 5G). Transceiver chip is able to select proper speed by means of Downshift mechanism.

Communcations between Terasic Cyclone V GX Starter Kit and board is done via four XAUI lanes. Transceiver chip management is performed via MDIO interface.

Only industrial grade components (-40C..+85C) has been used in design.


PCB design