About General R&D

Contract electronic and FPGA design


Using our experience and advanced technologies we implement ideas into devices for high speed data transfer, computing and data processing.


Company founders worked at small russian company «STC Metrotek» where the best measuring devices for telecom has been created.

After 13 years of successful development, we decide that we can use our experience for contract design. We created a new company and develop electronic devices for customers.


  • System approach
  • TRIZ
  • KISS
  • Office not required


We have been creating FPGA and Linux based boards for since 2004, from E1 telecom analyzers to 100G Ethernet switches, from optical reflectometers with high dynamic range to super-fast ADC boards.

  • we design and launch boards for high-speed data transfer and data processing using Altium Designer, Mentor, KiCad, Eagle tools
  • we create embedded systems “from scratch”
  • we know inside out OTDR measurements
  • we know all (ok, almost) about ethernet, interfaces and 10G/40G/100G
  • we love FPGA (Altera и Xilinx) and digital signal processing
  • we perfectly know Linux, write kernel drivers and any cli programs, also we use Qt for front-end apps
  • we bake BSP (board support package) for devices
  • we use top chips from Altera, Intel, Xilinx, Marvell, STM, Fujitsu, Broadcom etc.